Morocco is a paradise for photographers and those who feel that way, above all as a land of contrasts, intense colors, enchanting nature, magnificent buildings, temperamental people. When you go on a trip to Morocco, you simply cannot return home without bringing back memories packed with shots from your cameras or mobile phones.

Even if photography is not your focus on travel, everything you will see and feel will inevitably be an inspiration to keep from being forgotten. Choosing the most photogenic sites is extremely difficult, and we would definitely recommend you to pay attention to the following 5:

Blue City – Chefchaouen – Meet Morocco

Perhaps the most photogenic city on the planet is located in the north of Morocco, hidden among the slopes of the Rif mountain massif, popular especially in the last few years since fairytale photos of travel bloggers and influencers appeared on Instagram and Pinterest.

In the Blue City, every corner and detail is a great shot and it is impossible to take a bad photo because you will not stop clicking… As in the best dream, everything is blue – walls, doors, windows and many details that with some contrast in yellow, white or red they come to the fore even more. The color blue has been a trademark of this peaceful, safe town only since the 1930s, and there are two explanations for that. One is that this color was introduced by Jews who immigrated after the persecution from Spain because it is a sacred color that represents a connection with the Kingdom of Heaven, and another, more prosaic, that it is protection from mosquitoes that supposedly recognize blue as a water surface.

Whatever the reason, the attractive blue color is renewed once a year by painting and painting, which contributes to fresh, attractive photos of many visitors to this unreal town. An alternative for similarly attractive photographs is the Kasbah (military fortification) of Oudaias in the capital Rabat, which is now a residential type, with the same blue houses, but also an additional benefit – one of the most beautiful lookouts on the magnificent Atlantic. In case Chefchaouen is absent from your visit, you can have an almost identical experience in Rabat.

Marrakech – Jardin Majorelle – Enjoy Morocco

Known as Yves Saint Laurent’s garden, with a specific blue villa inside it, this garden is considered one of the most painted gardens in the world. In the new part of Marrakech, in contrast to the heat of the medina and the red walls and all the red buildings of Marrakech, this garden is a real refreshment. It was created by the French orientalist painter, Jacques Majorell in the 1920s, and the famous creator saved it from oblivion and made it famous, choosing it as his home in the 1980s. Photos from this garden among cactus and other exotic plants, as well as in front of the villa in majorel blue with yellow details, will surely be among the most picturesque photos from Morocco.

Casablanca – Hassan II Mosque

The third largest mosque in the world with the tallest minaret in the Islamic world, this mosque of recent date as a blend of modern and traditional architecture (completed in 1996) is an indispensable place for great photographs from Casablanca. Located as if it springs from the Atlantic Ocean, the dominant white-green color, with a huge plateau in front of which can accommodate 80,000 people, the place is sure to take many fantastic photos. Photography is also allowed inside the mosque itself, unless you forget to take photos out of enthusiasm for the scenes. It is also the only mosque you will be able to enter (if you are not of the Muslim faith) in Morocco.

Ouzoud Falls

If you are a fan of nature photos, you can take breathtaking photos at this location. Waterfalls in cascades that fall from a height of 110m often, if it is a sunny day, “produce” an overflow of light in rainbow colors, and then in contrast with the red color of the earth, green olive trees, there are scenes that cause joy that everyone loves. Some “happier” photos will be taken right here. The ones with monkeys will be interesting and definitely the funniest, of course behind your neck.

Essaouira Marine

The city of wind, blue fishing boats and seagulls on the Atlantic coast is completely different from all other cities in Morocco. Often chosen by the magicians of the film industry for the location of historical films, it will give you the opportunity to take just such, film photographs, or at least to feel as if you are e.g. protagonists of the Game of Thrones.