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Travel Hacks

One Quick Trick For Better Flight Prices

If you are the type of person who likes to organize their own trips, book hotels and buy airline tickets online, this trick will change the way you search and book flights. We are all familiar with those small windows that sometimes pop us when we first visit a website and asks us to “accept […]

Your Guide To The Southwest Airlines Companion Pass

What You Need To Know About the Southwest Airlines Companion Pass The Southwest Airlines Companion pass is one of the absolute best perks out there for savvy travelers. While Southwest Airlines doesn’t partner with anyone and you can only use their Rapid Rewards points for Southwest Airlines, it’s a superb tool to have. Especially if […]

How To Sleep On A Plane

You have bought your ticket and you are now eagerly waiting for the day you will step foot on new ground. Whether it’s a jump to a nearby city or an escape to the other side of the world, for most, just traveling by plane seems like something less important in the whole story. It […]

Best Virtual Hiking Routes

Even if you thought you weren’t a particular hiker, being in quarantine certainly convinced you otherwise. Because there is no better feeling than a long aimless walk, and your only task is to pay attention to the environment as you cross the miles. Certainly your mind will clear up and you will be in a […]

Tips For Your Vacation In Egypt

Egypt is a real gift in the sandy desert of the Sahara. The astonishing history of the country where civilization was born 5,000 years ago, the mystique of Africa and the beautiful turquoise color of the sea are what fascinate the visitors of this extremely interesting destination again and again. Numerous luxurious hotels arranged in […]

12 Cruise Hacks For The First-Time Cruiser

Planning a first-time cruise on Royal Caribbean, Carnival, or Norwegian soon?  Check out our cruise hacks and tips that show how to save money, optimize alcohol and dining prices, and ideas for packing organizational tools to make your cruise vacation easy and fun! 1. Find the right room for you Picking the kind of cabin you’ll […]

Best Virtual Trips In 2020

We are closed in our homes due to the pandemic, schools, shops and restaurants have been closed and flights suspended. Faced with four walls and an inability to get out, we prepared a list of best virtual trips. We may not physically be able to travel, but we can still dream and look forward to […]

How To Use United MileagePlus To Book Award Flights

Using United MileagePlus To Your Advantage United MileagePlus is United Airlines’ frequent flier program. The program, like all frequent flier programs, is free. All you have to do is sign up. There are a lot of ways to use MileagePlus to your advantage. Knowing how to use United’s search tool and what you need to […]

5 East Coast Weekend Getaways For Your Bucket List

For the travel lovers who work full time, weekend getaways are the staple that helps us function in between longer vacations. There’s no better way to start your work week after having been away for the weekend. We all need a quick recharge, here are a few places to visit: 1.New Haven, Connecticut New Haven […]

12 Underrated Desserts You Must Eat In NYC

Whenever you’re in Manhattan, you’ll enjoy spending a few days in some of New York’s trendy neighborhoods. From Chelsea and the Meatpacking District to West Village and SoHo, there’s nothing more enjoyable than exploring these cool NYC neighborhoods, strolling along the tree-lined streets and looking for hidden gems. Between visiting some art galleries in Chelsea, walking along […]

Budget-Friendly Family Vacation Ideas

Get your sandals, grab your towel and bathing suit—we’re going on vacation! Is there anything better than vacation? A chance to take a break from the hustle-bustle of life and connect with your family and/or significant other? Vacations are fun! A lot of us think of vacations as a luxury item—something that we have to […]

How To Pack for An African Safari

Packing for a safari sounds a little tricky but it’s easier than it sounds. Firstly, going on safari doesn’t mean dressing up like Crocodile Dundee ( that’s what you’re into, though go for it). However, there are just a few safari essentials you’ll definitely need to bring along, but it’s pretty easy! Lastly, I have […]

How To Kill Time At The Airports?

When we travel by plane, it usually happens that we have flights that make us wait as much as ten or more hours. And sometimes it happens that we miss the flight or our flight gets delayed so we have to spend some time at the airport again. But what to do while we wait […]

10 Common Travel Mistakes to Avoid

Most people think they are crushing the travel game, but the truth is, a lot of us make mistakes when we travel. Travel mistakes can cost you a lot of money or even worse, cause you to have a bad experience. Are you making these 10 mistakes while you travel?  1.Trying To Cram In Everything […]

How To Pack Smarter For Your Trip?

With holidays and trips approaching, there is always that one question in our heads – how to pack? It is not easy to pack smarter and therefor give you an answer to this question for a number of reasons: you are wondering what to bring and what not, thinking how to pack it all in […]

10 Safest Places To Travel Alone As A Female Traveler

There is just something so fantastic about traveling on your own and being completely free to do whatever you want with your day. The whole world is an adventure waiting to be explored, and although you may have your concerns about solo travel, there are a lot of countries that are very safe for a […]

Upgrade Your Travel Habits With Airport Lounges

Let’s break down the myths about airport lounges. Imagine you are at the airport waiting for your next flight and you have 3+ hours to kill. There are not many options for what you can do, so you might decide to spend half an hour in duty free shops, then half an hour in the […]

Our Top 10 Travel App Picks

It’s important to have the right apps that harness the inner travel beast and get the ball rolling on your next trip.  Here are a few of my favorite apps guaranteed to stoke the wanderlust in you. 1.MAPS.ME The MapsMe app is a real life saver when exploring a neighboring state, a foreign country, or even […]

Common Tips To Improve Your Airport Experience

Traveling can be stressful and you will be spending alot of your time waiting on lines and sitting down waiting for your flight. Here are you hacks and tips on how to and make your travel on a budget all the more enjoyable – with or without kids. And remember to check out our awesome travel […]

10 Easy Ways To Travel Europe And Save Money

Have you been dreaming of taking the ultimate European vacation? Europe is that continent that every traveller will see themselves going to at least once. It is full of culture, diversity and history, seaside villages and medieval towns. Oh and you can’t forget the food. Delicious!  I’m here to tell you it is more than […]

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