In the north of the African continent lies the unique land of pharaohs and pyramids, the cradle of ancient civilization – Egypt. Today, people come to this country to admire the rich culture and history, and also to enjoy the warm climate and sea during the summer days.

Egypt offers its visitors everything they could wish for, so diving in Egypt is becoming increasingly popular, as an activity that completes the entire experience of this country. If you are thinking of visiting Egypt, diving is something you will not want to miss. During the summer you will have the opportunity to feel the sand of the Sahara under your feet, to try the culinary specialties of this country, to enjoy the beautiful beaches but also to peek deeper into the hidden secrets of the Red Sea.

Suitable Natural Conditions For Diving In Egypt

Why is diving so popular in Egypt? Because this country has great conditions for that. The Red Sea, whose waves sweep the Egyptian coast, is very warm and therefore extremely favorable for exploring the depths. During the summer months, the water temperature can be up to 30 ° C, and in the winter the temperature generally does not fall below 20 ° C. The water is not only warm, but also extremely clean, which is a very important factor for enjoying the research of marine biodiversity – bright and transparent water significantly affects the experience that diving provides.

Such favorable conditions for diving are especially important for those who are embarking on such an adventure for the first time, they will simply feel safer to dive into the water, which with its characteristics welcomes everyone.

As for the climate in Egypt, it is quite warm and dry, and the temperatures range from 20 to 40 ° C, depending on the season. This practically means that the time to visit Egypt is favorable throughout the year. When it comes to diving, Hurghada is definitely the most popular destination, and you can try diving with whale sharks on reefs such as Daedalus, Brothers, as well as the Elphinstone reef. Apart from Hurghada, the popular Sharm el-Sheikh is also here to fill you with the best fun.

Diving In Hurghada – A Paradise For Lovers Of The Sea Depths

What there is no doubt about when it comes to diving in Hurghada is the main determinant for all fans of this sea adventure, who visit Egypt to dive. Hurghada is located on the west coast of the Red Sea, and thanks to the expansion of tourism, it has gone from a fishing village to a real modern city.

In the waters that splash the shores of Hurghada, there are beautiful reefs and a picturesque sea world. As for the period in which it is best to practice diving in Hurghada, but also in the whole of Egypt, you should know that during March, the sea is still cold, so protective diving suits are mandatory. Also, there is a lot of wind during March. If you want to experience the real summer heat of the city near the desert, the summer season begins in May, when a huge number of tourists arrive in Hurghada. This city is full of beaches, both urban and private, which are owned by the hotel chain. A typical summer vacation in Egypt is characterized by staying in one of such hotel complexes, because they really offer everything you could want.

What Is Out There?

In the Red Sea, you will also find a large number of fish, which are characterized by an unusual appearance – a variety of colors and patterns, a real small sea fair and an explosion of colors. And before you dip your head in the Red Sea, you will be able to be convinced of the beauty of these fish, because the Egyptians sell them on every corner as souvenirs.

In addition to colorful fish and the same corals in the depths of the Red Sea, you will find other marine inhabitants. One of them is the whale shark, which is also the largest fish in the world. An interesting fact is that during the warm summer months, on average from May to September, a unique process of flowering plankton takes place in the northern part of the Red Sea, which attracts those who feed on them, and that is whale sharks.

The Red Sea is known for a large number of coral reefs, they are impressive in size but also in appearance – they are usually colorful and striking. There is always something going on around the reefs, so the underwater world of Egypt looks like a place where the Little Mermaid would like to spend time with her friends. Indeed, these reefs are home to more than 1,100 fish. Among the most famous reef regions are those within the Ras Mohammed National Park. They are also found near Giftun Island. There is no doubt that imposing underwater reefs are found all over the Red Sea.

Whether you are looking at Egypt through the prism of someone who wants to stand in front of the grand pyramids, or someone who wants to see the mystical sea world up close – this country will surely be able to satisfy your senses and feelings. The Egyptians learned how to provide a unique experience to their visitors, without losing their authenticity.