Flight Review: Business Class In Qatar Airways Qsuites

Qatar Airways Qsuites

I recently reviewed Qatar Airways Qsuites business class product. When Qatar Airlines launched their Qsuites Business class product it had a lot of hype. Well the hype was well warranted as these seats are more comparable to some of the best first class products airlines offer. From having enclosed suites, a great hard and soft product, wonderful in flight entertainment (IFE), amazing food and most of all incredible service. With me, starting a trip to go around the world, what better way to start then to fly comfortably in business class and experience Qatar Airways Qsuites, beginning my journey in the Middle East.

You can book Qsuites using AAdvantage miles with American Airlines

I managed to book my flight for $7 in business class with Qatar Airways in their Qsuite. No, that wasn’t a typo. I managed to book my business class flight in what is known as the world’s best business class for only $7! Here’s everything about my flight from LAX to Doha.

In This Post I Will Cover

  1. Flight Details
  2. How I Booked My $7 Qsuite Using American Airlines
  3. Check In Process
  4. Qantas One World Lounge
  5. Boarding On Qatar Airways
  6. Qatar Airways Qsuite Product
  7. Food and Beverage
  8. Service
  9. Overall Review

Flight Details

Qatar Airways Flight QR740 Seat 6B Qsuites/Business Class (U)

Depart LAX (Los Angeles) 15:45 – Arrive DOH (Doha) 17:20 +1 Day

Flight Time 15:25 Total

Plane Type Boeing 777-300ER

How I Booked Business Class In a Qsuite with Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is a member of the One World Alliance, which includes American Airlines and because of that, I was able to use American AAdvantage Miles to book my flight. I had AAdvantage Miles Saved up from using the AAdvantage Platinum Co-Branded card from Citi Bank and earning the sign-up bonus of 65,000 miles plus the extra miles I had earned getting to a mileage goal.

I Began to scouring the American Airlines award chart for any availability in business class when I came across Qatar Airways having availability on American Airlines website. It gave me a price of $7.65 + 70,000 AAdvantage Miles. With that, I confirmed my details and was now booked. Its was that easy!

Check In Process

Qatar Airways uses the Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX (TIBT). I always travel with my Osprey Porter 46 as it is a carry-on sized backpack that I can take everything I need with me. Which isn’t much. After my easy check-in, I headed for security.

I used the secret TSA security entrance that TBIT has which is on the lower baggage claim level because the main terminal lines were long and I wanted to get to the lounge quickly. I was the only one in line and it was breeze.

Qantas Lounge at LAX

Qatar airways shares a lounge with Qantas and other One World Alliance Airlines at LAX. I have heard good things and found them to be accurate as I had two hours to kill before my flight and needed a beverage and food.

The Qantas Lounge itself is quite spacious and offers some really good food options as well as self serve beverages that include juices, Alcohol, beer and wine. If you are visiting, you need to hit up the full service bar. The bartenders make great cocktails and the collection of alcohol is extensive.

Get yourself and Old Fashioned, for free.

You’ll need to explore the space for yourself, but I found the spot I liked most was close to the bar. There aren’t any great views that look out onto the airport so I do consider that a downfall of this lounge. I really enjoyed the food selection here as it has a great variety. I was also quite impressed with the fireplace that was a centerpiece in one of the seating areas. Priority Pass that comes with cards like the Chase Reserve or the Citi Presitge does not get you access to this lounge.

Boarding on Qatar Airways

Having a business class ticket gives you the ability of priority boarding. Because my flight was boarding already, I used the priority lane to board in order to get through the line more quickly. Upon entering the plane, I am greeted with a very welcoming “Hello, welcome aboard,” and then escorted to my seat. Qatar Airways serves pre-departure beverages that include champagne, juice and water. I chose champagne, of course. Surprisingly, there is a crew member assigned to your section. It is almost like having your personal attendant.

Qatar Airways Champagne is really delicious

Before departure, Rona (my amazing stewardess) took my meal order for the flight. The menu had a great variety, with that said, it was food I looked forward to consuming. Before I knew it, the doors were closing as it was time for take-off.

Love those GE-90’s on the 777-300ER blasting out of LAX

Qatar Airways Qsuite Business Class Product

If you are looking for something to experience at least once in your lifetime then you need to try the Qsuite. The Qatar Airways Qsuite will rock your socks right off in which case you can then put your feet in the slippers provided.

I love having my own suite

The Qsuite Hard Product

Let’s breakdown the hard product first. A “hard product” is anything attached to the plane, for instance the seat itself or the IFE (in flight entertainment). With that said, the seat for the Qsuite Product was extremely comfortable and spacious. I had a storage bin situated next to me that provided a place for stupid stuff I tend to carry like clothes, passport and earbuds. The door to the Qsuite can be closed for privacy as well making you feel like you are the only one on the plane.

I stored my pants and shirt in the bucket underneath my seat. Don’t you hate to wear pants on a plane?

The footwell provided plenty of room for when I put the seat in the fully flat mode. There was also an area to put my shoes. The ORYX ONE IFE had a huge 13.5 inch screen with loads of options for entertainment to choose of which included many of the latest new releases of movies. There was the option of using a touch screen controller to select your IFE options and the noise canceling headphones fit perfectly and really reduced any noise. They had great sound which made the movies even better to enjoy.

would you just look at that room and the IFE screen…it’s HUGE!

If you the type of person who likes to control the climate in a plane then you are in luck as you are in full control of your own vents. A personal favorite of mine. The seat even has a “Do Not Disturb” sign that lights up at the switch of a button so you can sleep undisturbed. Did I mention how comfortable the seat was?


The lavatory, a minor detail not to be overlooked because I am sure you will need to use the toilet during the flight at some point. The poop room was clean and fresh and stayed that way throughout the flight. It was stocked with shaving kits, lotions, and face moisturizers.

what? you don’t make faces at yourself in the bathroom mirror?

Soft Product

The soft product is anything that is not attached to the plane. With That said, you are provided with water, a customized pillow, a comfy blanket, an amenity kit, and PAJAMAS! Pajamas are an awesome feature that Qatar Airways provides on overnight and long haul flights. I wore these for the entire flight as I changed into them immediately after take off.

My pajamas alone would cost more than what I paid for the flight.

Qsuites Amenity Kit

The contents of your amenities include socks and slippers, lip balm, facial moisturizer, face spritzer, an eye mask and ear plugs.

Gotta keep that money making face from drying out on long haul flights!

Turn Down Service

If you decide that you are through watching movies, simply use the call button to alert your flight attendant for a turn down service. They will happily adjust the seat flat and pull out a mattress pad and make up a bed for you. It’s really clutch and almost feels undeserving. I found the set-up they have to be extraordinarily enjoyable.

Sleeping like an ugly baby, a real mouth breather.

Food and Beverage In Qatar’s Qsuites

The Food

Qatar offers snack platters for eating betweens meals. we call this “Secret Eating.” I indulged a few times.

After seeing the menu before departure, It got me excited to eat. Qatar Airways puts out a dynamic menu therefore having something for everyone to indulge in. The meal service starts with the FA setting down a placemat and an electric candle. Well hello there ambiance! Next, it is followed by an appetizer and a soup, all of which were delicious.

First appetizer

For the main meal, I went with a vegetarian option because I figured it would be healthy. What was I thinking? But nonetheless is was so tasty. The food was impressive.

Dinner is served!

Lest not forget that every Qatar Airways Qsuites main meal will end with decadent dessert, of which I chose ice cream. But there was a selection. I had some cheese as Rona, my FA, was kind enough to let me enjoy some cheese with the red wine I was having with dinner.

Don’t get me started on how much I love desserts.

From the time that meal service ends until the next meal service, there are snacks you can order if you get hungry again. I like to call this “secret snack time” because most people are asleep and the lights in the cabin are dimmed. This feels like sneaking to the kitchen for a midnight snack. Nonetheless you can order as much as you want and the snacks are spectacular.

My “Secret Snack” which included prawns. Don’t tell my mom I snuck more food. She’ll be pissed.

For breakfast, I chose the Middle Eastern fare. Light and healthy, it was the perfect meal to end the flight on.


When it comes to the wines, alcohol and non-alcoholic beverage selections, Qatar airways does not skimp. Starting with the champagne, it was by far some of the best I have had. When it was time for my meal, the selection of wines were exquisite. Full bodied reds that packed flavor to stimulate your senses and whites to that left you feeling fresh and light. The wines paired perfectly with the food.

Before sleeping on flights, I usually indulge in a night capper of scotch. Glenfiddich 15 year single malt scotch was my drink of choice and I always have it served on the rocks.


Experiencing great service is something everyone wants. It can make or break your satisfaction. The crew aboard Qatar flight 740 stopped nothing short of delivering that. Attentive and involved they not only made me feel welcomed and provided for but everyone else as well. The crew showed they were happy to be there and took great pride in their work. Middle Eastern Airlines are some of the best when it comes to this.

You can close your door so “Rona” doesn’t bother you. But she brings champagne so that won’t be happening.

Overall Impression

By far, this is the best business class product I have ever experienced. Having the level of quality and attention to the details leaves me yearning to fly again with Qatar airways. Not every person will experience something like this but I strongly urge anyone thinking about it to make it happen.

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