Egypt is a real gift in the sandy desert of the Sahara. The astonishing history of the country where civilization was born 5,000 years ago, the mystique of Africa and the beautiful turquoise color of the sea are what fascinate the visitors of this extremely interesting destination again and again. Numerous luxurious hotels arranged in several resorts, wide flower gardens, shade under playful palm trees – all this provides complete enjoyment for an enjoyable summer vacation in Egypt.

We will look at some tips that will definitely make your vacation in Egypt easier, and what are the things that are good to know before travelling to Egypt.

Arrival in Egypt

When landing at one of the airports, at the customs control, strict rules are applied regarding alcoholic beverages and cigarettes, and tourists are certainly advised to buy such products at the airport. Goods worth $ 200 can be purchased, while the introduction of funds into the country is not limited. The Egyptian Pound (LE) is the official currency of the country. What can you carry across the border?


Egypt Air has a developed network of international and domestic flights, so if you want to visit a remote city and do not want to waste a lot of time on the road, it is enough to buy a ticket. Taxi transport is quite affordable and easy, you can also use buses with guides (for sightseeing), or rent a car with or without a driver. Either way, you have a choice.

Weather in Egypt

One of the most important factors due to which Egypt is visited by a very large number of tourists, in addition to cultural and historical heritage, is certainly the climate. From March to November, the weather is extremely dry and warm, and the remaining three months of the year are somewhat cooler, and rain is possible. Whenever you visit Egypt, you will enjoy, the temperature differences between day and night are enough to take a break from the heat in the summer months.

General Random Tips

It is important to know that the official language is Arabic, but English is certainly spoken in tourist centers. As far as communication is concerned, the internet is available in almost all hotels and city places. There are places where photography is forbidden, so pay attention to the signs when entering places of a religious nature to avoid an unpleasant situation. Depending on what you need, in Egypt you can go very cheaply for certain goods. It is unavoidable, of course, to buy spices and souvenirs, and the best places for that are local markets or smaller bars. Before that, be sure to exchange money at an exchange office or bank, because in such places you only pay in cash, while in large markets and shopping malls everything can be paid by card. Very affordable leather, silk and cotton products can be found in shopping malls.

Is It Safe?

Unfortunately, nowadays it is a very sensitive topic, which is always the first thing that comes to mind when mentioning the Middle Eastern and African countries. You will very often see members of the police or security on the streets, who are at your service for all your doubts, and they will best explain the current situation in the country to you, so there is really no reason to be afraid. It is desirable for women to be decently dressed outside the beach. The advice is definitely to avoid mass gatherings, not to visit distant places unaccompanied by a guide and create excursions on your own, and there is no danger for you.

The best advice regarding your vacation in Egypt is to relax, enjoy everything that this beautiful country has to offer, the kindness and respect of the people you will meet there, try to use phones as little as possible and cameras as much as possible. Try to learn as much as possible about their culture, respect local customs, and preserve cultural, historical and underwater treasures for future generations!