Your Guide to One Year Free of Lyft Pink

Lyft Pink is an awesome benefit that comes with your Sapphire Reserve card. At this moment in time we are all experiencing the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak. With travel being severely curtailed, bars, restaurants, and any other type of social or entertainment style gatherings being closed, or postponed the need for rideshares like LYFT is clearly not in demand and you are probably not going to be using it for awhile. However there are things you should be aware of.

Chase upped their annual fee of the Sapphire Reserve from $450 a year to $550 a year. With that increase in the annual fee came a few other perks to hopefully keep its card holders happy and offset their newly instated price tag, one of them being a LYFT Pink membership for ONE YEAR. Yeah, ONE YEAR, from the time you activate the perk, and it has a value of $240 that chase forks the bill for once you activate it.

In this post I will discuss…

  1. What is LYFT Pink and what it includes?
  2. How to activate your membership with Chase Sapphire Reserve
  3. What you should know about activating your membership

LYFT Pink (What you are getting)

LYFT Pink is a premium service offered LYFT for $19.99/month aside from it’s normal rideshare program. “Pink is new membership program that offers an elevated Lyft experience with preferred pricing to enable riders to unlock all their city has to offer. Lyft Pink is for riders who take 2-3 rides per week (or more!) and who are looking to make the most of their time and money.” Quoted from

The Perks of LYFT Pink are as follows

  1. Priority Picks-Ups at Airports. This is a great perk to have at busy airports;
  2. 15% Off Unlimited LFYT CAR rides;
  3. 3 FREE 30 Minute Rides On Scooters and Bikes. This is every month that you get this perk. Bikes and Scooters are only in select cities;
  4. Relaxed Ride Cancellations. LYFT will waive fees of up to 3 cancellations per month provided you rebook within 15 mins;
  5. Waived Lost and Found Fees. When you lose something, it can cost you to get it back, not anymore.
  6. Surprise Offers. Includes seasonal discounts and special discounts;
  7. (BONUS PERK) You’ll Earn 10x The Points Using Chase Sapphire Reserve. Earn 5x the points with your Sapphire Reserve card, Freedom card, and Freedom Unlimited. The bonus goes through March 2022.

Activating Your Pink Membership With Chase

There are two ways to go about activating your Pink membership with Chase. But before that, make sure you have your Chase Sapphire Reserve card as your primary payment method for LYFT rides on your app.

First method of activating your membership, log into your chase account, go into your your Ultimate Rewards benefits page and click the link at the top “Card Benefits.” This will give you a list of benefits with the Sapphire Reserve card and it should show the link for LYFT Pink. Click on it and simply follow the prompts.

Second method, you can activate it using your LYFT app. *Mobster accent* “It’s so simple”

What You Need To Know

When you activate your Pink membership, your year of membership provided by Chase starts. I think that’s stating the obvious. With the regular paid membership, you have the option to pause your subscription at any time. However, having a membership through Chase DOES NOT allow you to pause your Pink membership. For example, I activated my membership in January. With the current outbreak of COVID-19, I am not able to pause my membership and I do not have a need to take any rides currently. So be aware of when you want to activate your membership.

You have until March 31, 2022 to activate your LFYT pink membership. So if I were you, and you aren’t using rideshares often at this point in time, I would hold off until things normalize again and you are really going to be able to start exploiting this benefit from Chase.

If you are trying to call Chase to see if you can try and get them to put your membership on hold, you will be met with a recording that states “Chase is only handling urgent matters at this time,” so you will have no luck there. If anything the only option would be to cancel your membership, as I found out from a LYFT customer service representative. Obviously, this is a perk I do not want to forfeit, so I am just going to have to RIDE it out. (Pun Intended)

Finance disclosure

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