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One Quick Trick For Better Flight Prices

If you are the type of person who likes to organize their own trips, book hotels and buy airline tickets online, this trick will change the way you search and book flights. We are all familiar with those small windows that sometimes pop us when we first visit a website and asks us to “accept […]

Citi Double Cash Back Card

The Citi double cash back card is probably one of the best No Annual fees cards out there right now that earns you DOUBLE the points on all purchases (1% cash back for making the purchase and 1% cash back after you make the payment) and the best part is, you can convert the points […]

The Chase 5/24 Rule

Whether you are a novice and just starting out with a credit card, or a seasoned expert with multiple cards. Everyone should be aware of the 5/24 9/rule that Chase has when applying for new credit cards. Chase offers a lot of lucrative spend Cards that can earn you a plethora of Chase Ultimate Rewards […]

The Chase Tri-Force Of Credit Cards

Are you are looking to boost the amount of Ultimate Rewards points you are earning? The Chase Tri-Force of cards is for you. The Chase Tri-Force includes the Freedom, Freedom Unlimited, and either Sapphire Card. The Preferred of Reserve. You can already get great value on your returns using the Chase Sapphire cards when redeeming […]

Getting Started With The Right Credit Cards (Cont.)

Have you ever dreamed about a luxury traveling without a huge investment? We all like to feel spoiled sometimes, right? You have probably heard success stories from people who have points and miles and have taken business class trips using those miles? All while Paying next to nothing. So you might think – “okay, but […]

The Best Free Checking Accounts for Travel

When it comes to needing hard cash, having a checking account that is free and allows for free ATM withdrawals. But if you are traveling in another country, your Free checking account may have unwanted ATM fees. On top of a withdrawal fee, charge for currency conversion and not using an in-network ATM. Having the […]

Chase Sapphire Preferred VS Reserve Card

Chase Sapphire Preferred and Reserve Cards (Which Is The Right Card For You) I want to break down the differences between the two Chase Sapphire cards. Both The Chase Sapphire Preferred and Reserve cards have some great perks and rewards. The Sapphire Cards are superb “personal spend cards.” Earning a great return on travel and […]

5% Cash Back Categories Chase Freedom

Every quarter, the Chase Freedom Card has a few categories that you can earn 5% cash back with up to $1,500. These categories change every 3 months and the $1,500 spend amount resets. Using this card to capitalize on that return is a great little boost and by adding the points earned to your Chase […]

Getting Started With The Right Credit Cards

Getting started with credit cards to earn points and miles can easily take you to some amazing places in the world and give you incredible value when it comes to booking flights, especially when booking business and first-class awards on airlines such as ANA’s first-class Rooms or Qatar Airways Qsuites. Getting yourself started, however, takes […]

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