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Where Americans can travel?

The current situation in the world is not at an enviable level as far as the covid pandemic is concerned. However, given that we have all more or less lived through a lockdown period in our homes, we now can’t wait to travel again. Most of the world was closed to travelers coming from America, […]

Air corridor for business trips: Soon or?

The opening of air corridors for business travel between major world cities and financial centers is an initiative of the World Tourism and Travel Council (WTTC), in order to continue with such trips that have been stopped due to the coronavirus pandemic. Business travel globally brings in about $272 billion, and the first test air […]

Travel trends in 2020: Our “new normal”

Do people travel at all now? Most of us are wondering this given the current situation in the world. Many of us sacrificed our vacations this year to follow the development of the epidemiological situation in the world. It was difficult to decide because the care for our loved ones was still present. However, you […]

6 Ideas For An At-Home Vacation

Travel At Home Everyone around the world is stuck at home right now. We are all self-quarantining, social distancing, sheltering at home, and doing our best to limit the spread of the Coronavirus. No one is heading to the airport for a gate-away . However, the ban on travel doesn’t mean you can’t take a […]

UFO Tour In Sedona, Arizona

Things Are Not What They Seem In Sedona, Arizona I recently went to Sedona, Arizona, Strictly for a UFO tour. Sedona, Arizona IS OPEN amongst other states during this COVID19 Crisis. I have always had a curiosity regarding Extra-terrestrials and UFO Phenomena. While Searching a Sedona website, I stumbled onto one of the most glorious […]

Best Virtual Hiking Routes

Even if you thought you weren’t a particular hiker, being in quarantine certainly convinced you otherwise. Because there is no better feeling than a long aimless walk, and your only task is to pay attention to the environment as you cross the miles. Certainly your mind will clear up and you will be in a […]

What Affect Will COVID19 Have On Traveling Again?

Is COVID19 Going to Affect The Way We Travel Currently, The Covid19 crisis has affected everyone in every country in someway or another. This includes travel plans, jobs, daily life, and more tragically, even the loss of life for some due to complications from Covid19. As terrible as this whole pandemic is world wide, we […]

Discover Cuban Cocktails

A trip to Cuba cannot go without enjoying the best cocktails in the world. This country is a haven for cocktail lovers, which is not surprising since they say the first cocktail was made in Cuba. When we say rum, we think – Cuba. This ubiquitous and popular alcoholic beverage is produced from sugar cane, […]

Best Virtual Trips In 2020

We are closed in our homes due to the pandemic, schools, shops and restaurants have been closed and flights suspended. Faced with four walls and an inability to get out, we prepared a list of best virtual trips. We may not physically be able to travel, but we can still dream and look forward to […]

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