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Slovenia: A Land Of Natural Beauty And Diversity

Located in the heart of Europe, at the very borders of the Balkan Peninsula, between the Mediterranean and the Alps, Slovenia is the world’s first country to be named a green destination. In this text, discover a little bit more of its most breath-taking places. We hope to tickle your imagination, inspire you to explore […]

A Dreamy Winter Vacation At Borealis Basecamp

More than a comfortable place to relax in one of the most intriguing and exciting destinations in the world, Borealis Basecamp invites you to stay in superior rooms housed in luxurious and atypical needles. These unique igloos now have all the modern comforts and more – they are designed to allow their guests to admire […]

How To Spend Perfect 5 Days In Belgrade, Serbia

You are probably reading this article now because you would like to spend your next vacation here in Belgrade, right? We assume that so far, you have heard some crazy stories about nightlife in Belgrade and probably excellent food as “pljeskavica” or “burek” etc. This is only the beginning of the story.  Belgrade has a […]

Unique and Unusual Places To Stay In Slovenia

The choice of destinations and locations is large, although the tempting ones are mostly remote, exotic and mystical. However, in the heart of Europe there is one country that is perfect for a weekend vacation and that really has a lot to offer. If you thought we were talking about Slovenia, you were right. Hisa […]

Your Next European Destination – Prague

Whether you plan to visit only Prague, the Moravian region or Liberec during your trip to the Czech Republic, we have tips for you. Prague attracts tourists with its stunning Gothic architecture, South Moravia offers wine enjoyment, and those who opt for Liberec often do so because of the great opportunities for hiking. With a […]

How To Spend 5 Days in Mallorca?

Synonymous with world-famous beaches, a destination that is perfect for nature, golf, culture and water sports…in a word, Mallorca – the largest Balearic island. Have you had the opportunity to visit this Spanish beauty? Whether you are looking for a relaxing holiday or an adventure to remember, this island really has something to offer. Beautiful […]

Istanbul Food Guide For 2021

Turkish specialties for many travelers from the Western Hemisphere are very specific and represent a completely different and exotic food. However, it is a very special experience to try Turkish specialties right after they prepare them. It is interesting that Constantinople is the place where the most lavish banquets were held during the best years […]

Best Day Trips From Rome

Rome is not only one of the most culturally important cities in the world, but also one of the most romantic. With over 3000 years of historical heritage to explore, you will certainly not be bored in Rome. However, once you visit the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, and the Roman Forum, it’s time to explore […]

Why You Should Visit Moscow This Autumn?

Although going to Moscow over the winter can be a fairytale in the frozen and snowy capital of Russia, it is not an ideal time to visit it. Temperatures drop to -30, -40 degrees Celsius, while also, the summer months can be very warm. Therefore, an autumn trip to Moscow is perfect if you want […]

Luxurious Pearl In Ibiza

After a period of quarantine and self-isolation, life is finally getting better, so it is only a matter of time before we meet again at our favorite destinations…today, we present you a pearl of Ibiza. Is there a better location for the first vacation after a few months that we made between our four walls, […]

Where To Stay In Mallorca?

Besides Ibiza, this Spanish island is best known for its good and varied nightlife, with the difference that the prices are more affordable, the cultural heritage is far more significant, and the nature is more magnificent. Are you a fan of natural beauties and can’t imagine spending precious ten days of vacation only on the […]

Visit Dublin This Summer

The Republic of Ireland is an ideal destination for all those who love greenery, nature, small towns full of interesting legends, fairy-tale castles and beer. A small country in northeastern Europe, on the island of the same name, almost completely surrounded by the sea, and has the only land border with Great Britain. The capital […]

Discover Liechtenstein This Autumn

Located high in the Alps, the small Liechtenstein with a population of 40,000 is the second least visited country in Europe. The fact that it is very “poor” in terms of transport certainly contributes to that. You will not find an international airport here, nor a larger train station, nor a highway. Apart from being […]

A Beginner’s Guide – Milan, Italy

Milan is known in the world as the capital of fashion and design – it captivates us with its multiculturalism, ideas, inspiring landscapes and sublime culture. Milan is not as common a tourist destination as other Italian cities like Rome, Venice or Florence, but everyone who comes to Milan comes with the intention of enjoying […]

Visit Belgrade This Summer

Tourism in Serbia is growing every year and one of the most visited cities is definitely Belgrade, which has an increasingly rich offer. Whether it attracts foreign tourists who have heard all the best about the capital’s nightlife and fast pace or people from all over Serbia, this city is a destination you must visit. […]

Best Beaches In Skiathos

You have decided to have an unforgettable vacation this summer and now you are not sure where to go? You want a new experience, but you have already “used” all the suggestions. Listen to ours, because here are a few words about the beautiful beaches in Skiathos. Whether you are in the mood for relaxation, […]

A Beginner’s Guide For Lisbon

One of the oldest cities in the world, the westernmost capital of continental Europe and the only capital on the old continent facing the Atlantic Ocean, Lisbon has been attracting tourists from all over the world for years with its impressive architecture and history, especially during the Age of Discovery, mild Mediterranean climate, good cuisine […]

Visit Losinj – Stunning Croatian Island

Visit Losinj, an island with more than 2,600 hours of sunshine a year that is located in the north of the Croatian Adriatic. With its untouched nature, enchanting scents and crystal clear sea, it will make you fall in love with it at first sight. Beautiful pine forests stretch along the island, and the most […]

Holiday Destinations For Every Season

The good news is that more people can’t wait to travel after being in quarantine for so long. 2021 is the fascinating time for travel. The coming year’s big trends will shed light on lots of exciting, unsung destinations and reveal new sides to old favorites, as well. Overcrowding in popular destinations is increasingly hitting […]

Discover Grand Bazaar in Istanbul

Grand Bazaar, as many call it, is the largest covered market in the world. Namely, the Kapali Bazaar is the largest shopping center, so it is not surprising that it is an unavoidable place that tourists from all over the world visit if they are in Istanbul. In addition to the many sights of this […]

Guide To Kotor, Montenegro

Planning to visit the Balkans? Make sure not to miss out on some of the must do things in Kotor, Montenegro! It is a stunning Balkan gem. There’s so much to see and do in Kotor, from beaches, old churches, going to The Old CIty, restaurants, and many more. There has been an increase in […]

4 Irresistible Mountain Pools

Snow season has not started yet, but experienced skiers are already planning their next trip. Even if you are not a skier, don’t neglect what the mountain has to offer, even in that case you can enjoy the fresh air, mountain pools, the bright sun, great parties, and some of the best spas in the […]

Cutest Cities For Romantic Getaway

Take advantage of the summer days for a romantic getaway in these beautiful European destinations for two! We have decided, with heavy hearts, to turn our backs on Paris (only for this article!) and to present European cities whose popularity is on the rise, and which are ideal for couples. Romantic squares with live music, […]

Berlin Museum Tour

We already know that Berlin is a city rich of culture and amazing art. That is why you should not be surprised by the fact that it houses the most popular museums in Germany. All museums in Berlin have fantastic exhibitions of work of art, sculptures, remainders of ancient civilizations and the history of Germany, […]

12 Cruise Hacks For The First-Time Cruiser

Planning a first-time cruise on Royal Caribbean, Carnival, or Norwegian soon?  Check out our cruise hacks and tips that show how to save money, optimize alcohol and dining prices, and ideas for packing organizational tools to make your cruise vacation easy and fun! 1. Find the right room for you Picking the kind of cabin you’ll […]