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Luxurious Pearl In Ibiza

After a period of quarantine and self-isolation, life is finally getting better, so it is only a matter of time before we meet again at our favorite destinations…today, we present you a pearl of Ibiza. Is there a better location for the first vacation after a few months that we made between our four walls, […]

Where To Stay In Mallorca?

Besides Ibiza, this Spanish island is best known for its good and varied nightlife, with the difference that the prices are more affordable, the cultural heritage is far more significant, and the nature is more magnificent. Are you a fan of natural beauties and can’t imagine spending precious ten days of vacation only on the […]

6 Ideas For An At-Home Vacation

Travel At Home Everyone around the world is stuck at home right now. We are all self-quarantining, social distancing, sheltering at home, and doing our best to limit the spread of the Coronavirus. No one is heading to the airport for a gate-away . However, the ban on travel doesn’t mean you can’t take a […]

Heads up! The Heart of Europe Will Be Ready Soon

If someone asked you what your favorite place on our planet is, could you answer? Specifically, could you choose just one? How can you choose Switzerland instead of Sweden, Venice or Germany? Well, if you are not sure what to do in that situation, we suggest you visit Dubai in the near future. There is […]

Holiday Destinations For Every Season

The good news is that more people can’t wait to travel after being in quarantine for so long. 2021 is the fascinating time for travel. The coming year’s big trends will shed light on lots of exciting, unsung destinations and reveal new sides to old favorites, as well. Overcrowding in popular destinations is increasingly hitting […]

Bucket List Airport Lounges

Guilty as charged! We have craved the airport lounges to the point that we occasionally carry a suitcase around the house and carefully wipe the dust off our passports. That inspired us to explore the most beautiful lounge areas at airports around the world. However, in this situation, we would agree to sit on the […]

Top 6 Beaches In California

If you’re planning a beach getaway to the Golden State, then you’re surely going to want to visit these top 6 spots that you can’t miss.  Whether you’re looking to soak up the sun and get a tan , surf those California waves, or simply enjoy a sunset, we’ve got you covered.  Finding the perfect […]

Guide To Kotor, Montenegro

Planning to visit the Balkans? Make sure not to miss out on some of the must do things in Kotor, Montenegro! It is a stunning Balkan gem. There’s so much to see and do in Kotor, from beaches, old churches, going to The Old CIty, restaurants, and many more. There has been an increase in […]

Best Virtual Hiking Routes

Even if you thought you weren’t a particular hiker, being in quarantine certainly convinced you otherwise. Because there is no better feeling than a long aimless walk, and your only task is to pay attention to the environment as you cross the miles. Certainly your mind will clear up and you will be in a […]

4 Irresistible Mountain Pools

Snow season has not started yet, but experienced skiers are already planning their next trip. Even if you are not a skier, don’t neglect what the mountain has to offer, even in that case you can enjoy the fresh air, mountain pools, the bright sun, great parties, and some of the best spas in the […]

Cutest Cities For Romantic Getaway

Take advantage of the summer days for a romantic getaway in these beautiful European destinations for two! We have decided, with heavy hearts, to turn our backs on Paris (only for this article!) and to present European cities whose popularity is on the rise, and which are ideal for couples. Romantic squares with live music, […]

12 Cruise Hacks For The First-Time Cruiser

Planning a first-time cruise on Royal Caribbean, Carnival, or Norwegian soon?  Check out our cruise hacks and tips that show how to save money, optimize alcohol and dining prices, and ideas for packing organizational tools to make your cruise vacation easy and fun! 1. Find the right room for you Picking the kind of cabin you’ll […]

5 Unique Themed Cafes In Tokyo

Tokyo is one of the hotspot destinations in the world. Tourists are drawn to it because it’s exciting, often quirky, and sometimes weird. The cafes are cute, interesting, and the places that you have never seen before. There’s so much to see and do in Tokyo so let’s get started on the list: Kawaii Monster […]

Why The Caribbean Should Be Your Next Trip?

White sandy, sunny beaches, blue sea and night parties with lots of rum, beautiful landscapes, hiking trails, surf ridges are just some of the reasons why you must visit the Caribbean. If we add to that world-class resorts, rich history and diverse cultures, then it is not surprising that the Caribbean islands are one of […]

What Affect Will COVID19 Have On Traveling Again?

Is COVID19 Going to Affect The Way We Travel Currently, The Covid19 crisis has affected everyone in every country in someway or another. This includes travel plans, jobs, daily life, and more tragically, even the loss of life for some due to complications from Covid19. As terrible as this whole pandemic is world wide, we […]

THE Place To Stay in Lake Como – Mandarin Oriental

Although we still can’t pack our suitcases and jump to Italy, that experience is not so far away anymore. Have you dreamed about a luxurious, romantic getaway to Lake Como? Have you heard about Mandarin Oriental? Can you imagine a combination of a world-class hotel and Como Lake? We certainly hope that this period will […]

Top 6 Best Breweries In America

The craft brewery scene has really exploded within the past several years in the United States. Visiting a brewery is always a great idea to rest your feet after a long day walking around a city and have delicious food to eat while sampling the local brews. The following are some of the best breweries […]

Water Sports That You Should Try Out This Summer

The road to the most beautiful and warm season was long and difficult. We were all looking forward to the warm weather, long days, festivals, weekends on the coast and the chance to buy a new swimsuit. In order to get you some ideas how you can spend an unforgettable summer, we have complied a […]

Dubai – A Beginner’s Guide

There isn’t a place like Dubai that you will experience such an exciting blend of tradition and modernity. Numerous luxury hotel complexes close to the beaches will amaze you with unreal interiors and a wealth of content. For shopaholics, Dubai is a true “spa!” Dubai is absolutely exclusive but also everything in the United Arab […]

Discover Cuban Cocktails

A trip to Cuba cannot go without enjoying the best cocktails in the world. This country is a haven for cocktail lovers, which is not surprising since they say the first cocktail was made in Cuba. When we say rum, we think – Cuba. This ubiquitous and popular alcoholic beverage is produced from sugar cane, […]

10 Best Things To Do In Queenstown, New Zealand

The 10 Best Things To Do When in Queenstown, New Zealand Kia Ora! Queenstown, New Zealand is by far one of the most beautiful cities (if you can even call it a city) to visit. It is chalked-full of adventurous activities, from adrenaline fueled outings to leisure hikes through its landscapes. Queenstown is a city […]

Best Underground Clubs In Berlin

Techno, house, rock, hip-hop, reggae, punk and jazz are just some of the music genres you can listen to in Berlin clubs. Berlin has the title of nightlife capital for a reason. In the evening, you can find numerous places to visit, from pubs, wine bars, to the best underground clubs. Berlin has a rich […]

Amazing Abandoned Places Of The World

A look at these unique relics of the past takes us into some distant future and conjures up what the world might look like when there are no people. We are introducing you mystical and somewhat scary abandoned places around the world that just won’t leave you indifferent. Endless Spiral Sintra, Portugal The initiation Well […]

5 Best Northern California Beach Towns

Some of these towns are well known beach towns and others are smaller gems that you may have never heard of. They each have something unique to offer so you should try and visit them all. Its rocky coastline boasts jaw-dropping views of the sparkling Pacific Ocean, while the countless beach towns lining the shore are positively charming. Swim, […]